When people ask me what I do, I frequently stumble. I’ve been thinking about a truly honest answer for this question.

Really, I make stuff to help me dig into the ideas and feelings that sandpaper my brain for more, more, more. I also make work to chill out and not go nuts. Making art is both enlivening and centering.

In putting together the selection of images for this site, I tried to include the work I am presently engaged in and then a small sampling of the past few years.

I work across a bunch of disciplines and use whatever mode seems to best get at the itch. I find that working in one mode only strengthens my ability to express in another; what I learned in designing toys does indeed inform my black blob paintings, just as writing a goofy novel inspired a whole spate of wild drawings.

One thing not represented in these images is my love of being with other people making work. I have taught art in a variety of contexts for the past 15 years, and owe a massive debt to those who let me participate in their learning and let me watch their process. Thanks, people!

I live in Portland, Oregon with a nice guy, our kid, Zucchini the naughty Dachshund, and a variety of flora and fauna. My lovely parents still live in the mountains of Montana, the thought of which even makes me smell hot summer grass and wildfires.

More official deets are available on my CV.